We've built Foculty to tell people about business using simple language. As simple, as children's books talk about complex things. We convert our experience into simple step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow.

We want designers, cooks, UPS drivers, fitness trainers, people of any profession to get on the path of entrepreneurship without any fear of the unknown. Each of them can earn more money and be their own boss by following the steps from our guides.

We want people, who were doing routine day-to-day work yesterday, to create life-changing products for generation of today. We will motivate people to create their own businesses.

In Foculty, we are going to invite different mentors to share with us their knowledge on how to create a business, get the first customers, make money, and make the product better. We believe that their experience and our desire to simplify complex things will create an effective format for the transfer of knowledge.

We're Foculty, and we're going to shake your brain.