EntrepreneurshipJanuary 10, 2018

2018: The year you finally became rich

Any action begins with a thought. Only after putting our thoughts in order we can start doing something.
Vladimir Kudinov
Co-Founder @Foculty

Last night I took a car and the driver told me a story that inspired me to write this article. The driver was called Alex, a man of 40 years. He has been working as an Uber driver for already 4 years almost every day. The other day he drove to pick up another passenger to one of the rich houses in an expensive neighborhood of California. Approaching the building, he saw a guard post and an avenue of beautiful trees behind it with a pond nearby. Then there appeared a large white house in modern style with a large roof and columns.

A man in a suit came out of the house in a hurry and quickly headed for the car as he was late for the airport. The driver asked the man for what price much he had bought the house and the man replied that he had booked it on Airbnb for $20,000 for 3 days. After that, the driver broke off as if a nuclear warhead exploded in his head. In his reality, he had never come across a man who could pay $20,000 for the accommodation on Airbnb.

Resentment, anger, and then humility all together seemed to rush into his mind. How can someone give away a few salaries just to live in comfort for 3 days? How can such reality exist at all and where is it possible? And why hadn’t he heard anything about it? When he told me this story a furious sense of injustice raged in him.

Our brain is an interesting thing it always tries to find a comfort zone in which it can stay marinated for many years. People come up with hundreds of myths to justify their inaction and unwillingness to change their lives.
Vladimir Kudinov, Co-founder at FocFoc.

I asked what was stopping him from earning more but this question seemed to make him even angrier. He said that he had a large family, children and credit card debts. Then I heard a discourse about the wrong profession he chose in his youth. Anyway, most likely that rich guy was born with the entrepreneur's talent. There were dozens of reasons that paralyzed his brain and he could not even imagine the reality in which he had a different future.

He did not want to accept this, he denied and fled from the realization of his helplessness towards the reality in which he did not need all this as it was made not for him and could not bring him happiness.

Our brain is an interesting thing it always tries to find a comfort zone in which it can stay marinated for many years. People come up with hundreds of myths to justify their inaction and unwillingness to change their lives. They are born in wrong families, in a wrong country, they have communicated with wrong friends, they studied wrong subjects in the institute and in general their life does not involve wealth, luxury and comfort. Their current life already depends on their irreparable past.

This way it may continue for many years and their minds cease to be flexible as it is confined by a prickly wire made from excuses.

Denying success at a subconscious level

In reality, each of us can become anyone. We can start setting the right goals for ourselves, forming the right habits, communicating with people who are better, more stubborn and more determined. It only can happen if we'll do everything possible to achieve our goals every day.

If we always treat money as if we will never have it then our subconscious will "preserve" this thought, trying to obey it. We can convince ourselves in our insolvency, and the brain will echo this. Then our environment will slowly bring us to the fact that we've already failed to achieve big goals. You ask the brain "What should I do this evening" and it immediately throws the answer "Drink beer and see Netflix, of course."

But when, after watching another episode of your favorite series you come up with the thought "I'm doing nothing, I'm going nowhere, I need to change something tomorrow", the brain answers you "Oh my God, again! Just turn on the next series!" We ourselves set up our subconscious mind to have a burned land around us made from our lost hopes. We gave our brains an opportunity to relax and enter the comfort zone. Are you wondering what to do in this case?

How to live further

At first, it is necessary to reconcile with the idea that you do not need the talent to be an entrepreneur. Everyone can set up a successful business but before doing this you need to expand your framework of existence in this world. It must be realized that if we continue crying over the imperfect state of affairs we will remain where we are now.

Try now to say the following words to yourself and imagine a new reality: I will have a large spacious house where I will come back from work to my beautiful wife and the Labrador will run out to meet me playfully wagging its tail. Do you find it funny? Then your brain is in danger! Give it a kick in the ass and continue to fantasize your reality.

Every morning I will wake up mesmerized by the realization of how many interesting things I want to do today. I will have my own successful business with a spacious office. Every day I will be happy with what I do and my work will be well paid. I will realize that I'm doing something useful, changing life around me. I will become an example for my friends and I will help the needy, stretching out my hand to those who want to rise to the step I was able to climb. I will work no more than 4 hours a day on the schedule which I will choose for myself.

Every three months, I will go on a big trip with friends to another country. We will book a big house and play beer pong, vigorously discussing our next trip. I will see those parts of the world that I have long wanted to see. Every day, getting out of bed I will feel happy that I can live today as I have always dreamed of.

But how do I get all this?

We are not saying that all this should fall on you from the sky while you sit in an esoteric t-shirt with "I eat planets" inscription waiting for this very moment. However, it is important to understand that without the right understanding there is no right action. Any action begins with a thought. Only after putting our thoughts in order we can start doing something.

Now let's talk about what can be done to start changing our lives for the better. The option that immediately comes to my mind is "why not try oneself in business?" If your brain immediately starts laughing every time you hear the word business and saying that business is difficult and not for everyone as it implies too much responsibility and you are a refined person then it is the right signal to the possibility of change. It is at this very moment that you can catch this thought and say "No, this time I will do it differently. This time I'll try to listen to the end and try to do everything in the other way."

What is meant by the word «differently»? It is how you have never done before. «Differently» it's like you have never said or thought. After all, if you are dissatisfied with how things stand at the moment most likely you have been doing something wrong and it means that you should listen to someone who knows how to do things differently.

Business is not for me. I want to create a business.

Creating a business is a set of clear instructions that everyone must follow. These instructions are encrypted in thousands of words in video courses, books, trainings. If you search "business books" on Amazon you will find a huge amount of books on this topic. Some of these books were written a dozen years ago and it seems to you that the world has changed a lot since then and it's senseless to read them. The other part books from the category "How to become a millionaire in 12 hours which also raises doubts in your head. Some books сontain nothing but vacuity and talk about business like it is intangible matter.

In the end, you come to the fact that you need to read 50 books, looking for priceless information among insignificant words. And then you should look through a dozen more courses on advanced topics, such as creating email campaigns, digital strategy, hiring new employees to the team. However, every new book creates, even more, questions in your mind. You do not understand why on earth you still do not know how to make money after having spent a few months? Where to begin? If you promise to talk about creating a business why not speak directly without pointless words?

In Foculty we continuously asked ourselves these questions, each time trying to connect knowledge from one book to another. On our way, we made a lot of mistakes, spent great amounts of money just on pointless experiments. And we wondered why no one talks about creating a business in the form of simple instructions?

Developing an idea for business

If any business starts with a good idea how to come up with it? How a person who has never run his or her own projects and earns money on a permanent job should come up with an idea for a future business?

We began to combine our knowledge and experience in the form of a guide which explains step by step in the form of a simple instruction how to simply and efficiently create business ideas that are charged for success. We did these steps every time while creating and launching our ideas.

This guide is the essence of knowledge that you need to generate successful ideas for business niches that can suit you. We outlined this process taking as a base what you did in the past, present and what you would like to do in the future. Then we test the generated niches using special tools, measuring the potential of each business niche to bring money and traffic. As a result, you will have 5 correctly formulated business ideas, which you will test later on.

Unfortunately, when you work as a designer, programmer or marketer you always see only one part of running a business at your job. The designer understands how to surprise with the presentation of products that his or her company develops. Every detail and pixel is important to the designer and he knows how to make it so that the user feels comfortable. The programmer is responsible for making a product with a minimum number of bugs. It is important to the product itself, more than its cover. A marketer can create and sell products, launch email campaigns, do prototypes for landings, set up advertising.

All this reminds me of a large factory in which each person is responsible for his own process, without studying the competence of other people. The task of a businessman is to get acquainted with each of these processes and make a system in which a product is developed, designed and promoted by other people while earning money. An entrepreneur is an architect of business. When doing business we want to create a system that works autonomously without our intervention while we watch the situation from above.

The truth is that all designer and programmer and marketer or any person who works on a permanent job can do their business. To do this, you need to generate a right, trendy idea for your project which is currently in-demand. You probably know that some niches can be more popular than others. With equal effort, one niche can be hundred times more efficient than the other.

Now listen to what I'm talking about. You can make a website, develop a product, set up email campaigns and in one niche your product will bring you $1000 per month and you'll make ends meet while in another niche you'll have $100,000.

A simple formula for business is to choose a good niche and make a popular product for a certain audience then attract traffic to the site and sell the product, earning a margin. It is that simple!
Vladimir Kudinov, Co-founder at FocFoc.

The same efforts, the same actions and the same you but the result is different. Why is that? There is a huge number of parameters: the popularity of the niche, the closing time of the deal, the number of people who need your product, your qualifications and adequacy in the chosen niche. So, you can make a product in one niche for several years and wonder how your business eats you, your time and money while another niche will be like a flash, bringing results from the very first days of launch.

Therefore, it is important to approach the choice of a niche not with the help of intuition but with the right tools that will prompt how to choose a trend niche in which you can develop successfully. You also need to understand how to formulate a business idea for a certain audience so that the product is developed for the right people. All this you can read in the instructions that we have elaborated, unveiling the topic from all its mystery.

Come up with the ideas that can bring money immediately after launch. Forget the idea of running after investors in search of money for another round of your startup. Also, forget about the examples of large companies that once came off and made millions. To be a businessman and make good money you do not have to make another Facebook.

A simple formula for business is to choose a good niche and make a popular product for a certain audience then attract traffic to the site and sell the product, earning a margin. It is that simple!

Basic parameters of a good idea

A good business is a business in which there is a correct ratio between the closing time of the deal and the average check from each earned product. You can sell the product with an average check of $50 and with an average closing time of 14 days or you can find a niche in which you will sell the product for $1,000 and close the deal for a month. In both examples, the closing time of the transaction is not much different despite the result.

It is better to strive for ideas that can theoretically bring in big money in less time than or those which bring in less money for a longer time.

The second parameter is the importance of your presence in business. If your whole idea is based on the fact that you are an irreplaceable developer then very soon it will turn out that in order to earn more you must work more. Remember that your task is to build a system in which others work and you develop the rules of the game thanks to which their work brings money.

I'm not saying that you should immediately hire some 20 employees without a start-up capital. Naturally, you will need to participate in some business processes for the first time as an executor of the work. However, at the same time if the business starts to bring good money and you cannot replace yourself with another employee you lose.

What's next?

The right mindset and correctly chosen ideas are the first steps in creating your business. Further, each of the invented ideas must be tested using the created landing page and launching traffic to it. After that, it will be clear if you target audience is ready to buy. If not, then you need to test other ideas or other business niches. If the product is purchased then you begin to increase traffic at one end of the system and get more sales on the other. We will describe these processes in future articles.

Start changing your mind and coming up with ideas for your future business today and in a few months, you will be able to rejoice at the results of your decision.
Vladimir Kudinov, Co-founder at FocFoc.

We created Foculty in order to collect the steps you need to take when creating a business and make these steps as simple and understandable as in a children's book. With these instructions and our blog, we want to inspire people to create and develop their business and boost entrepreneurship in general. We know that everyone can expand their consciousness and eventually become what they want. We are ready to gather knowledge, experts and mentors within the project to help you to build your first business and grow it with the minimum amount of time spent and errors.

We believe that beyond any period of meaninglessness in a person's life a phase of creation and self-realization can begin. It's not scary to start a business it's not scary to make mistakes again and again, it's much more terrible to be inactive, watching from year to year as you stand still. We believe that creating a business is an interesting process that can make happier you, your family and make the world better.

We are not business coaches; we are practitioners who found their way through trial and error. We are building our business right now, using modern tools and approaches, as you read this text. We want to talk about these approaches and practices, motivating people to create their own business.

Start changing your mind and coming up with ideas for your future business today and in a few months, you will be able to rejoice at the results of your decision.

Ahead of us, there is a lot of work on the project but we are happy to be finally ready to launch it. We have a lot to tell you.

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