Build Cost-Effective Landing Pages With No Coding

Create effective landing pages that drive leads & sales with easy-to-use page builder.
In 44 steps, you will:
Write a copy that converts
Choose the right blocks to tell about your product
Make a landing page in 1 hour with no previous experience
Connect a domain to your landing page
Connect Stripe payments and start selling
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What you will do

When you start using this blueprint, you will be able to build effective landing pages with the copy that drive leads and sales. You’ll get step-by-step instruction so you can build a landing page using pre-designed blocks and start selling your product without any past experience. You’ll learn how to use simple, but powerful page builder Tilda, connect your domain, write a copy that make your product stand out from the crowd, and connect Stripe to make a profit.

About author

Vladimir started his career as a designer and developer working in small firms and companies. Nevertheless, he quickly achieved success as a renowned designer. After years of working full-time jobs, he decided to build a company and has successfully started to sell several digital products. Over the past few years, he has tested many business ideas and found ones that have brought him a stable passive income.
“Over the past 5 years, we have made more than 70 landing pages, both for our projects and for other entrepreneurs. We have compiled accumulated experience into a simple manual, without excessive words or plenty of instructions. Gradually, step by step, you will create a landing page which will attract customers to your product.”
Vladimir Kudinov
Co-founder at FocFoc, Entrepreneur, Designer

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Blueprint sections (4)

44 steps
Write a copy that makes your product stand out
12 steps
Find your competitors

Google your competitors. Study their landing pages. How do they communicate with the site visitors? What feedbacks do they use to convince users of their product quality? Carefully study all the information to understand how to make your landing page stand out from the crowd of similar products.

Formulate a “unique selling proposition” of your product

USP is the reason why your product is better than the one of competitors. In other words, think USP as what you have that competitors don’t.

Write out your USP using this formula: [Product] for [target audience] to solve [problem] with [secret sauce].

Example: "KarateKid is developing martial arts lessons for kids to make them strong without injuring themselves."

Write a killer headline. Clarify what you sell, for who, and why the prospect should care

Example: "Affordable meeting rooms in great locations. Book instantly, cancel easily."

Write a subheading. Bring more benefits

Example: "Geckoboard helps everyone in your team focus on work that improves the metrics that matter to your business."

Determine a main “click to action”. Write it under the subheading

Find out what you want your target customer to do on your site. Write CTA. Motivate your prospect to take the action.

Do you want to sell your product? Or you want to get subscribers to your new blog? Or to sell a subscription for services? Or you want to invite people to contribute to your platform? Key goal activity should be defined clearly. You’ll measure your success by the number of visitors completed this goal action.

Describe the main benefits of using your product

In your copy, focus on the benefits for the prospect, not the features. State your value proposition and explain the product benefits.

Tell how your product works. Bring some in-life examples of usage

Show use cases, show how faster / cheaper / better the life of your customers would be with the product.

Describe the features of your product
Use customer testimonials to build trust
Show price table and summary of what you sell
Read your text through and remove all unnecessary things
Add images to the copy
Make a landing in a page builder
19 steps
Connect a domain
4 steps
Connect a payment system (Stripe)
9 steps
Money-back guarantee! No questions asked. No sad animal pictures inside your inbox.

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