Validate, Build and Launch an MVP Product

Convert your idea into a product and and advertise it to real customers.
In 52 steps, you will:
Define the product USP
Create an acquisition funnel
Build a landing page
Set up platform integrations
Connect the payment system
Set up email campaigns
Run AdWords campaigns
Optimize ads
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What you will do

This сomprehensive guide will equip you on how to sell a new product or service to your first audience. By using third party services and platforms, you can easily build a very basic first version of your future cash machine. No coding skills required.

About author

Boris has achieved quite a stellar career in digital marketing and advertising. In 2014, he co-founded Moosetank - a software development company that helps clients in building applications, platforms, and MVPs.
“You can build your new startup in just one week, but it may take years to get yourself together and make the first step. Follow this blueprint and make your first step today!”
Boris Goncharov
Co-founder at FocFoc, Moosetank

Perfect for

Founders of Small Startups
First-time Entrepreneurs

Blueprint sections (6)

52 steps
Define a business idea
2 steps
Explain your business idea in one sentence.

This is the cornerstone for all communications, including ads, website copy, company name, etc. Your explanation of your idea should be simple and straightforward.

Here is a good template (with the short guide) for this: [company name] is developing [product or service] to help [target audience] [to solve this problem] with [a secret sauce].

Formulate a USP for your product or service.

Your unique selling proposition, or USP, is something that allows you to stand out from the rest of the competition.

MVP structure
5 steps
Define the target customer action for your MVP.

Do you want to sell your product, or do you want to get subscribers to your new blog? Do you want to sell a subscription for services, or do you want to invite people to contribute to your platform?

Whatever it is, your target customer action should be clearly defined. You will measure your success by the amount of visitors who complete this target action.

Determine your customer acquisition funnel.

What steps are necessary in your customer development model? The answers will describe your MVP more than anything else.

For example, you may provide a free trial of your service in exchange for registration and an email subscription. So, your funnel may contain these steps:

Visit page ⇒ View service demo ⇒ Sign up for a free trial ⇒ Confirm your email ⇒ Try the service ⇒ Receive marketing communication ⇒ Upgrade to a paid account.

Draw your MVP ecosystem.

What are the necessary elements to market and sell your very first product? If you follow the example customer acquisition funnel from the previous step, you will need a domain, a website, a MailChimp account connected to your site, a payment solution like Stripe or PayPal, Google Analytics to track visitor activity, and AdWords to run the micromarketing campaigns.

You can use the MindMeister tool to draw an ecosystem with all the connections.

Research competitors websites.

Find at least five to 10 competitors in your niche and look for inspiration. Determine elements of their websites that you would like to improve upon in your own business and site.

Determine why your product is better than others.

Determine why you stand out from the crowd of competitors. It may be price, delivery time, quality, additional features, etc. Whatever it is, use this as a key benefit of your offering.

Write the content for your landing page
8 steps
Build the landing page
7 steps
Configure the back-end
16 steps
Run a micromarketing campaign
15 steps
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