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Choose a business niche for your hustle and kickstart your path to entrepreneurship.
In 32 steps, you will:
Get 5 profitable ideas
Brainstorm business niches
Measure the demand of any business niche
Validate the ideas with the right tools
Formulate business ideas
Find helpful trends & insights
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This blueprint consists of step-by-step instructions that will help you come up with the ideas to start your business. Learn how to brainstorm ideas, measure the demand, find insights, and finally execute your New Year's resolutions.

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Vladimir started his career as a designer and developer working in small firms and companies. Nevertheless, he quickly achieved success as a renowned designer. After years of working full-time jobs, he decided to build a company and has successfully started to sell several digital products. Over the past few years, he has tested many business ideas and found ones that have brought him a stable passive income.
“We always think we need talent, experience, and influential friends to start a successful business. I’m a living testimony of the exact opposite - a person who doesn't have any of these things can easily create his own business and have a stable cash flow.”
Vladimir Kudinov
Co-founder at FocFoc, Entrepreneur, Designer

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32 steps
Brainstorm business niches
11 steps
In this section, we will walk through how to brainstorm 10 niche business ideas. Understanding how to do this step will help you be successful in the following sections. Let’s get started!
Let’s find 10 different niche business ideas. Click on this section to expand the description and find out why you need to consider so many ideas.

Say you make a product that is sold for $49. You build your product, website, and email campaigns; run ads in Google AdWords; and hire a small team. After two months of working on your project, you’ve earned $1,000.

But putting in the same amount of effort in the same time frame in a different niche could bring dramatically different results. You could make $10,000 or $100,000 a month just by shifting your focus to a different niche industry.

Why? The demand varies among niches. One niche might only generate 200 prospects each week, while another might yield 1,000 sales each day.

This is why it is essential to test various ideas. Let’s find 10 niche business ideas and test the demand and profitability of each to find the best ideas.

Grab a piece of paper and draw four columns on it.
Label one column “Past” and write down the things you used to be passionate about. Ex: gaming, marketing, music.

Do not rush. Try to remember all the things you have been passionate about. Maybe you were good at fashion and you know everything about new trends and how to combine different clothing items. Maybe you used to create gorgeous websites, and your boss was shocked by your talent. Write them all down.

The more data you collect, the more ideas you will be able to generate using your past passions.

Label another column “Paid to do” and write down the things that you have been paid to do professionally. Ex: website building, marketing services, video editing.

List everything you have been paid for, whether by friends, employers, colleagues, or freelance clients. Maybe you used to sell the icons for user interface design on Creative Market. Maybe you wrote email copy for a brand campaign. Include those types of tasks in this column.

Label another column "Present" and write down the things you are passionate about right now. Examples: app development, hiking, songwriting.
Label another column "Future" and write down the interests you would like to explore in the future. Examples: esports, music, personal growth.
Mix and match items from your columns and put together 10 different niche business ideas that you like. Write them down. Ex: web service for esports teams, music app, personal growth videos.

At first, it will be hard to generate ideas, but stick with it and spend at least one hour doing this exercise.

Do not focus on ideas that going to change the world. While there is a small chance that you will think of a brand new life-changing idea, it is better to work with the niches that already popular and have proven success rates. You do not need to build another Facebook to earn your millions. Just find the profitable niches, build a product or service inside that niche, run stable traffic, and start selling.

The more ideas, the better! We will test the ideas on demand in the next steps.

Get new ideas from websites that explore trends and innovations.
Discover products that are bestsellers on the market and brainstorm new ideas based on them.
Get more ideas with Product Hunt.
Validate the ideas with Keywords Planner
9 steps
Find the insights with Google Trends
5 steps
Formulate 5 business ideas
7 steps
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