Make a Successful Launch on Product Hunt

Get viral on Product Hunt and release your startup to the world successfully.
In 60 steps, you will:
Pre-launch your product on Ship
Get first subscribers
Prepare your product to successful launch
Find the right hunter
Get as much as possible with your launch
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What you will do

This blueprint will help you to pre-launch you project on Ship and launch on Product Hunt. You will prepare your product to launch, find the right hunter, get first subscribers and make snowball effect during the launch to drive huge traffic to your website.

About author

Artem Goldman is an entrepreneur, strategist, and leader with 10+ years of experience in technology. He is the CEO and co-founder of the artificial intelligence company Visabot, that was nominated as 'Bot of the Year'. Visabot generated over 1000 upvotes on Product Hunt and got a lot of traffic and press attention. In 2018 Artem have been featured in Forbes “30 under 30”.

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Blueprint sections (7)

60 steps
Prepare your profile on Product Hunt
7 steps
Decide if your product fits Product Hunt community

Not every product is doing great on PH. There are many good products that didn’t benefit from being on Product Hunt. Look through the projects that were already submitted there and find out if your product will appeal to the community.

Register an account using Twitter or Facebook
Set up a profile picture
Fill in your first name and last name
Fill a headline

Example: “Co-founder at Foculty”

Fill a website
Set a profile header image
Pre-launch on Ship
19 steps
Get first subscribers
5 steps
Prepare a Hunter kit
8 steps
Find a hunter
8 steps
Prepare your website
3 steps
Launch on Product Hunt
10 steps
Money-back guarantee! No questions asked. No sad animal pictures inside your inbox.

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