Build my email campaigns

When the deadline to launch your product approaches product, you suddenly remember the email marketing campaign isn’t done yet. We can help.

About Gig

We have 6 years of experience building email campaigns for our clients. Our emails have been chosen by many inspiration boards across the internet.

We can build you an email sequence consisting of 5 emails to convert prospective customers into actual customers. Give your audience a reason to return to your website again and again.

Your Questions Answered

What experience do you have?
We’ve built more than 50 emails through our projects. We know how important it is to make emails that can return your users to your website and lead them to purchase your products. We’ve built Mailto that is used by hundreds of companies all over the world.
What will I get for my purchase?
We’ll design and develop 5 emails for your marketing sequence and test it using Litmus in 50+ different email clients. Yes, even in Outlook.
How many revisions do I have?
First, we’ll show you the wireframes of 5 email templates and then you’ll have 2 revisions to accept a final design.
Who will design the emails?
Our team will design all of the emails.
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