Write a copy for a landing

Convincing structured sales copy with CTAs and buttons, supported by good imagery.

About Gig

Don't want to spend your time writing copy and searching for relevant pictures? Don't know any good copywriter freelancer? We've got you covered! Order this gig, answer our questions, and get the job done in 7 days.

Your Questions Answered

What would I get for 480 bucks?
We'll provide a perfect sales funnel (landing page structure in blocks) and a convincing sales copy that converts visitors into buyers. We’ll also support the content with free-to-use images.
What happens after purchase?
We'll ask you a few questions about the nature of your business and the USP of your product/service. Then we'll create a landing page structure in slides complete with a convincing copy, CTAs, buttons, and images.
Who will write the copy?
Our team will help you to write an amazing copy. We have a lot of experience in writing effective texts that will present your product in the best way. You can check our works here: Mailto, Donetown, Seedbelt, Seedbelt Framework.
What if I don’t like the copy?
We can rewrite the copy, update a set of pictures, or redo the page structure, according to your revision request. You have two free revisions included in this price.
Who will be the owner of the IP?
You will have full ownership of the copy, the structure, and the CTAs written and designed specifically for your needs. Pictures will be free to use under the Creative Commons license.
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