Get 400 leads for my business

We’ll find you new leads through LinkedIn Sales Navigator that we’ve judged may be interested in what you selling. You’ll get a list for outreach to these clients.

About Gig

No free hands available to find new clients for your business? We can generate a list of 400 leads with verified email addresses for you. You can use this list for outreach to find new clients. At last, you don’t need to think about where to find new customers.

Your Questions Answered

Do you use any leads from databases that can be bought on the Internet?
In the most cases, these databases are fake or include outdated information. So, we don’t use these to find leads for our clients. We’re invested in you successfully selling your product using the leads we collected. That’s how we’re going to keep you as a regular customer, right?
How do you get the leads?
We search for the leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which allows us to find leads using the parameters of your target audience. We can find anyone, anywhere. That way, you can find the time to build your business.
What kind of data will be in the list?
We collect: Contact name, Job title, Linkedin profile link, Company name, Industry, Location, Verified email address.
How will you share a report with me?
We’ll share all the data using Google Sheets. It will be understandable, verified, and ready to use by your team.
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