Write & send a press release

Professionally written press release submitted directly to the best tech media on the market.

About Gig

Need some media attention but don't know where to start? Don't know any writer's contacts and don't want to bother yourself with emailing people? We've got you covered! Purchase this gig and get an impressive media coverage within 5 business days!

Your Questions Answered

What would I get for 380 bucks?
For $380, you'll get a professionally written press release about your new product or service. This press release would be submitted to 100+ best tech media resources, and you'll get a report for successful publications.
What happens after purchase?
You’ll be asked to tell us about your business and answer some pertinent questions. Then we'll write a press release. After you’ve approved the press release, we would submit it to the media. Two weeks later, we'll provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report.
What if I don’t like the results?
We can rewrite the press release according to your comments and specifications. You have two free revisions included in this price. But unfortunately, we cannot predict the outcome of press release submissions as it depends on many factors, such as competition, product offering, price, features, etc.
Do I own this press release?
Yes, indeed. You can use the written material on your website's blog or in any other media you want.
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