Virtual assistant for your business

Get started with having your assistant manage your schedule, track packages, set up meetings, manage the social media, find and organize information, etc.

About Gig

Somebody has to reply to support requests, manage the expenses, search for the cheapest air tickets, carry out customer survey, send cold emails. Small companies are short of resources to hire an individual employee for each of the tasks. You need an all-purpose somebody, who could do all that diverse but routine work.

Your Questions Answered

What would I get for 1460 bucks?
One well trained person will join your team or project (for the full 8 hours of work each business day during the pre-paid month) to help you with any kinds of tasks. Our assistants trained to work with social media, task management platforms, calendar, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. They can do research and presentations.
In which timezone are assistants located?
Mostly in Eastern Europe. You can arrange a good time for your communication (if you're in US, it's better to have sessions in the mornings and evenings). So, basically, you set up the objectives and go to sleep. Everything is ready by the time you wake up.
What if I wouldn't like my assistant?
All assistants are well trained and passed out tests. Also, we supervise their work and productivity. So, in the rare case of unhappy customer, we're ready to replace an assistant at no extra cost. We'll freeze the prepaid time to make sure you'll not loose your money.
What tasks can I delegate?
Literally anything. As long as you can explain what to do and how to achieve a good result. Assistants can do the bookkeeping, manage your social media, fulfill the orders, talk to customers, do the research, book air tickets and hotels, collect and organize the data and many more routine tasks.
Sensitive information and IP
Our assistants can sign NDA upon request. If your relationship with remote team member will involve any IP creation process, we can sign any form of release or IP transfer agreement on your demand.
What language do your assistants speak?
Every assistant knows English and can read, write & speak. They may know some additional languages, but we can't guarantee that.
Where to find more information about your assistants?
Be sure to check out Donetown to get more information about our services.
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Create an online business
Are you building a startup or trying to scale it? Do you want to skip days of book-reading and webinar-watching? Use our structured step-by-step instructions for getting things done! Check the guides section for more info.